Now Peering with DE-CIX

Now Peering with DE-CIX

Direct Peering with DE-CIX is Legit.

Our good friends and peers at our local data center, The Pixel Factory Data Center, are now directly peering with DE-CIX NYC. Since SkyWire directly peers at The Pixel Factory via RVA-IX (Richmond Virginia Internet Exchange), we now directly peer with DE-CIX New York City as well. What’s up with DE-CIX? Check out the following info to find out how an amazing peering agreement like this benefits you!

De-Cix - the fastest-growing Internet Exchange in New YorkDE-CIX New York is the fastest-growing Internet Exchange in the New York metro area and has managed to grow to the second largest Internet Exchange in this area within two years. DE-CIX New York is Open-IX certified and carrier and data center-neutral. It operates more access points than any other Internet Exchange in North America.

Direct Peering with De-Cix NYC

DE-CIX | The fastest-growing Internet Exchange in New York

Customer Growth at DE-CIX

Customer growth in absolute numbers between March 2015 and September 2016.

DE-CIX’s GlobePEER service reduces IP Transit and network costs by aggregating all kinds of ISPs on a Layer 2 switching platform. By connecting hundreds of networks on the most advanced industry platforms, the service enhances the speed and reliability of all kinds of IP products.

Benefits of peering with GlobePEER

Enhanced end-user experience

Bandwidth requirements for services like video, gaming, cloud, or voice over IP grow continuously, and every millisecond, if not nanosecond, is important; peering provides for the lowest latency path and therefore greatly enhances the end-user Internet experience.

Increased network quality

Direct peering provides you with the lowest latency path to your target networks on an uncongested path; therefore, peering improves the quality of networks.

Highly reliable and resilient connectivity

The standard service level guaranteed in our Service Level Agreements for availability of the DE-CIX GlobePEER service is 99.99%; our platform has maintained 100 percent uptime since 2007.

DE-CIX New York statistics

In the following you will find a 2-day and a 1-year overall traffic graph of the peering traffic exchanged at DE-CIX New York.

2 days

2 Days Traffic at De-Cix

1 year

1 Year Traffic at De-Cix

Due to this awesome new peering arrangement, we’re now directly peered with the following:

  • Automattic — – Akismet
  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Forcepoint — Raytheon, Websense
  • Yahoo
  • CloudFlare
  • Facebook
  • OVH
  • Linode

Long story short, we are quite excited about this new agreement with DE-CIX NYC and think you should be too!