Virginia SkyWire

In a Nutshell

Our History

Since 2001 SkyWire has been providing technology services for multi-tenant buildings throughout central Virginia. Over the past 19 years we have adapted and advanced our connectivity dramatically to offer our subscribers high speed urban internet. In the early years, total bandwidth required to service an average MDU was equivalent to a T1 line (1.54Mbps). In 2020, we find ourselves bringing at least 10Gbps (10000Mbps) connections into properties for service and future expansion and service offerings.

In 2015 SkyWire became a founding member and proponent of the RVA-IX (Richmond Virginia Internet Exchange). RVA-IX is peering point for high capacity, high visibility, content rich media delivery, and interconnectivity for business. SkyWire customers benefit greatly from the exponential boost in performance that having RVA-IX at our core provides.

Our Network

The SkyWire IP network begins with a powerful core at a local data center and a variety of fiber connectivity. From the data center, we have fiber connections directly to MDUs in your city. These buildings connect to other buildings with more fiber or fixed wireless radios. This fixed wireless-fiber hybrid network allows us to service your building while minimizing required buildout costs.

The Future with SkyWire

Our network is now built to handle up to 400Gbps of internet traffic. Although this number might not sound like a lot, our entire network currently pushes somewhere around ~20Gbps of sustained traffic at peak times on a nightly basis. As we add properties and offer higher capacity plans throughout, this hefty backbone allows us to handle it with ease.


Our mission is to provide those connections.

We aim to deliver innovation, highly-desirable, dependable, and cost-effective technology services to the MDU market with the goal of maximizing unit occupancy and value for property owners.

About SkyWire - High Speed + Gigabit Internet

SkyWire Services


Often bringing 10Gbps to your building (or more), we can offer tenants speeds anywhere from 25Mbps to 1000Mbps (1Gbps). Lightning fast speeds paired with intelligent peering makes for a uniquely fast internet experience.

Video Services

We are a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer – specializing in installation and support of television service to MDUs. Although DIRECTV is the premier choice for entertainment television, SkyWire also offers Dish Network service, and IPTV services.

Low Voltage Cabling

SkyWire is a Class A contractor experienced in low voltage cabling of all sorts. We have high tech tools to efficiently run fiber optic cable, coaxial cable, ethernet cable, and more.  This allows us to design, install, and then manage your entire low voltage network!

SkyWire Headquarters

In RVA’s Scott’s Addition neighborhood