Support Policy

Some Things you should know about Skywire Support

SkyWire Support Policy

Telephone Support

  • SkyWire provides free telephone support 24/7. Call for support at (804) 591-0500
  • Tier 2+ support calls response time 15min – 24 hours (if during business hours)
  • Tier 3+ support calls response time 30min – 3 hours. (24/7)
  • Support is here to help. Any questions they ask are intended to improve their troubleshooting efficacy.

Email/ Chat Support

  • Support inquiries through email or chat are always free. Email for support at
  • Email response time is usually 30min – 24 hours (if during business hours)

On-Site Support

  • SkyWire will dispatch on-site service technicians when remote support options are exhausted.
  • On-site technician visits that result from service/equipment issues provided by SkyWire are always free.
  • If on-site technician visit yields results that show customer equipment is the problem, SkyWire reserves the right to bill for this service.