Our business is delivering the Internet to you and we agree with the principles of network neutrality.

The business of providing the Internet and the principles of network neutrality are often misunderstood so here is the outline of how we implement network neutrality at SkyWire.

  1. Our customers pay us to deliver the entire Internet.
  2. All packets are treated equally. Exceptions are made for violating the acceptable use policy or activity we deem malicious.
  3. We do not accept payment from content providers to increase the prioritization of their packets or to decrease the prioritization of a competitor’s packets.
  4. We do not pay content providers to deliver service to our network.
  5. We adjust our peering relationships often to provide the best routes possible to our customers.
  6. It is normal for a customer’s experience with each website to be different. The customer’s experience is a combination of SkyWire’ network performance, the destination’s network performance, and the distance to the destination.
SkyWire Net Neutrality Policy