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In this technological day and age, the internet and our dependence on it is clear. That’s why your internet connection at home should be fast, reliable, and affordable. SkyWire brings that stable and speedy connectivity to your property. Once you move in and started using your service you can choose from speed upgrades ranging from 50Mbps to 1000Mbps depending on which building you live in. Visit the GO page to see what speeds are available now!

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Low Latency High Speed Internet Service

Low Latency

One extremely important aspect of fast internet is latency. Latency, measured by ping tests and displayed in ms (milliseconds), is the delay before a transfer of data begins. This a key factor in how fast a website, service, or stream loads. To better understand, let’s imagine you order a pizza to be delivered to your apartment. Your pizza takes time to bake and be delivered. The closer that pizza oven is to your home, the faster your delivery pie usually arrives. The same goes for the internet! Downloading Apple updates, for example, would be like ordering a delivery pizza from North Carolina. It would take much longer for that pizza to arrive, and in this example, download Apple updates. SkyWire service is optimized to route your traffic and connect you faster to closer pizza ovens. The closer the content like Netflix, Google, Microsoft, or Apple (pizza ovens), you will experience noticeably quicker downloads and snappier load times (lightning fast pizza delivery). SkyWire boasts sub 5ms ping times to the internet and often 8ms ping time to popular content providers like Netflix. On SkyWire’s network, you can stream or game with the best of them!

SkyWire 0ms Speedtest

No Contracts or Hidden Fees

Most of the time you will have a base internet speed included in the rental of your apartment/loft/condo. That means no bill or contract for you individually at all! If you choose an upgraded speed package, you will have an account with us but there are no term commitments. You can upgrade or downgrade your service at any time. If you do choose to upgrade your speed, your bill is managed from within your portal page and there are never any hidden fees!

Local & Friendly Support

SkyWire support agents live in your area! If a problem arises with your service requiring a technician to be dispatched, our nearest agent will be dispatched for prompt resolution. Although comedians they’re not, joking around is totally cool with us. Techs enjoy meeting our subscribers and helping them out as quickly as possible!

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SkyWire offers a variety of speed upgrades depending on which property you live in.