Job Overview

The role of the Field Service Technician (FST) is to provide a successful and rapid response for onsite service requests. This is a support role that is responsible for in-home service installation and issue resolution. The ideal FST will have a strong technical and troubleshooting background with a desire to work independently to resolve problems. The FST is responsible for providing a positive customer service experience while onsite. The FST will provide notes on each service call and appropriate feedback to the call center. The challenge of this role is meeting both the customer service expectations of the call center team and the technical experience expectations of the service delivery teams. You will need to work closely with each department and your manager to ensure that the technical and customer service expectations are being met.

Primary Responsibilities:

Troubleshoot and resolve onsite service issues (Video, Internet, Customer Service)
Install equipment for new customers
Update service tickets
Learn new technologies and maintain current and legacy technologies
Keep calendar accurate and meet appointment windows
Communicate identified services issues to field service team and department management


Review scheduled appointments for the day
Verify that all necessary equipment has been allocated for scheduled appointments
Review tickets awaiting follow-up or reschedule
Perform scheduled service calls to resolve customer issues and route to additional service calls as requested
Notate tickets to capture service call details and important information


Escalate service calls which require additional review
Report and submit mileage to the supervisor
Provide feedback to management on weekly appointments and look for improvements in the processes and skill development opportunities
Review all assigned tickets to ensure notes have been updated and any escalations have been reassigned correctly


Track personal equipment and material levels and report any resupply needs or issues to the supervisor
Review all assigned tickets to ensure all service calls have been resolved appropriately
Develop new skills and knowledge. Seek learning opportunities for newer technology as well as existing deployed technology

Skills and Qualifications:

2-5 Years Customer Service Experience
2-5 Years Technical Troubleshooting Experience
High School Diploma or equivalent (College Degree Preferred)
Technical aptitude and strong interpersonal skills

Benefits Summary:

Retirement Savings Plan – VA SkyWire provides full-time employees with retirement benefits. Full-time employees become eligible for the Company’s 401(k) Plan 90 days after their hire date.  The employee will receive an email providing a link to sign up for the plan.  VA SkyWire matches 50% of the employee’s contribution up to 4% of your salary. 

Insurance Plans – Full-time employees become eligible for Group medical coverage on the 1st day of the month following thirty days of employment. VA SkyWire pays half of the employee-only cost of group medical coverage, in accordance with the terms of the company’s insurance plans and policies which are subject to change.

Wellness Plan – The Wellness Plan is a Preventative care management Program that offers a wide array of virtual and online resources for employees.  As a tax-qualified plan, participants reduce their payroll taxes to use toward qualified benefit plans. Plan participants will see three new payroll entries on their paychecks.  VA Skywire automatically enrolls you in this plan, but employees can opt-out.

Life & Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance – VA Skywire provides all qualifying employees a group policy with a benefit equal to 1 times the employee’s annual earnings up to $180,000.  This policy also includes an additional Accidental Death or Dismemberment benefit that will match the payout amount up to the volume of life insurance for accidental death. (See plan documents for additional information)

Long-term disability insurance – VA Skywire provides a Long-term disability plan that will pay 60% of an employee’s monthly pay up to $6,000 a month. (See plan documents for additional information)

Paid Time Off: Full-time employees will accrue up to two weeks of PTO per year. Please refer to the SkyWire Employee Handbook for additional details regarding time off and office closures. 

Paid Holidays: Full-time employees are eligible for paid holidays after completing thirty days of employment. SkyWire observes 7 paid Holidays including; Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year’s Day.