Marshall Street Apartments

Just moved in to Marshall Street Apartments or moving soon?

Your apartment includes

Internet Service and the building is DIRECTV-Ready.

Getting Started is Easy!

Internet is live and ready for use

1.) Get online now or upgrade your speed.
2.) Sign up for DIRECTV Programming (optional).
3.) Sign up for DIRECTV STREAM (optional).

SkyWire Gigabit Internet

1.) Plug in and go for internet service.

Your apartment is live with internet service. In your unit, please find a media converter {little powered device} that converts coaxial cable to ethernet. Once you locate this device, plug in an ethernet cable from the ethernet jack on the media converter to either a router or your computer. ***New entrance and basement units are wired with ethernet – plug in an ethernet cable directly – no media converter needed. We offer a variety of speed upgrades – click below to view speed upgrade options or to rent a gigabit capable wireless router.


2.) Your Building DIRECTV-Ready. Learn more and sign up now!

DIRECTV packages feature the best TV & Movie channels, Genie DVR, an App for streaming TV & NFL SUNDAY TICKET. There’s a DIRECTV package for everyone. We’ve got the sports, news, shows, and movies the whole family is looking for. Premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, STARZ, and Showtime are also available. Click below to view channels, learn more, or sign up for DIRECTV services.

3.) DIRECTV STREAM is available. Learn more and sign up now!

DIRECTV STREAM is a revolutionary entertainment service that combines the benefits of live TV and sports, on-demand movies and shows, Cloud DVR, access to HBO, Netflix, and Pandora, and over 5,000+ apps on Google Play. It also gives you access to Premium channels, including HBO, Starz, Cinemax, EPIX, and premier sports packages. Click below to learn more or sign up for services.

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