Print Inventory

Checkout Guide

For any number of reasons, you’re tasked with grabbing print materials for a property. What materials do you need to grab? What’s the process for checking them out? Please follow the guide below to answers these questions.

Pick Print Material

In the Marketing Inventory closet, there’s varying material both in regards to the type of print (flyer, postcard, magnet), as well as, colors on the print material. The colors designate what services we provide for that property. If you need help knowing what color you should chose for a given property, or what services we provide a certain color and/or property, you can head to this site for an in-depth breakdown of the colors and their respective properties. 

Print materials are wrapped in a few different ways and here is the breakdown of it.

  • Flyers are wrapped in a plastic. Each plastic wrapped bundle holds 25 flyers. 
  • Postcards have two different choices. The bundles wrapped with blue paper holds 50, while the salmon wrapped postcards are in sets of 25
  • For magnets, blue wrap indicates a group of 25 and salmon is a set of 10. 

*Lastly, some of these have numbers written on them, disregard that. That was for initial stocking.

Grab iPod Touch

On the shelf in the center-back of the marketing closet is an iPod Touch sitting on a silver platform. There’s no passcode and almost all apps have been moved off the front page. Stay on the front page as you only need to use the camera app. 

Scan QR Codes

After you open the camera app, you’ll need to scan one of the QR codes accompanying the item(s) you’re taking. There are varying size options and they each have their own QR codes, this was done as a way to save time and limit the amount of changes to the email you’ll need to make, but we’ll get to that in one second!

Tap Email Banner

Upon scanning the QR codes, a banner will appear at the top of the screen, click on that. It’ll being up an auto-generated email with the correct email address to send the email to, the right subject as well so please DO NOT CHANGE THEM!

Edit Email

The email will have autofilled text. It will show the quantity which can be changed (i.e. if you need 200 postcards and scanned the 100 QR code, just change the number to 200). But we picked 25, 50, and 100 as solid presents quantities and if that’s how much you’re taking out, then you won’t need to change this field. Next it’ll show the product, make sure it’s the one you grabbed. Action will be checking out and last but not least is the property/ PCODE. The draft will say PCODE, but YOU MUST CHANGE THIS! Please put in the property’s PCODE so we can know where these print materials are being sent. If you don’t know the property’s PCODE, use this site’s search feature at the bottom of the page. 

Confirm Everything is Correct 

Please double-check the email to ensure you changed what you needed to, but also check that you checked out the correct print material that you’re taking. Also, ensure that you have grabbed the correct material for a property and that you have enough check out. Once you have confirmed everything is right, you’re golden!

Send that Email!

You’ve done the “hard” stuff now click the Send button and consider this task DONE!

Bask in your keen direction following checkout of print material here at SkyWire! Thanks for your help.